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Questions regarding how to handle the use of time in one's life.
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Getting Things Done (GTD), an organizational work-life managament system created by productivity consultant David Allen, provides concrete solutions for transforming overwhelm and uncertainty into an …
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the technical term for one of the assignments required to complete a project. It is commonly used to refer to GTD techniques and project managements.
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Concentration in general may be defined as an active state of mind wherein the whole of attention, with all available energy and talent.
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done. The reasons and rationales for one's thoughts, feelings or actions.
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For questions involving the use of, or asking about, different productivity software.
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Placing different things in a logical arrangement allowing better usage and searching.
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Self-management refers to methods, skills, and strategies by which individuals can effectively direct their own activities toward the achievement of objectives, and includes goal setting, decision mak…
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Gaining competency in a skill or knowledge of a subject matter. Improving one's abilities.
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Procrastination refers to delaying important tasks indefinitely.
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Questions specific to productivity at work as opposed to home or other places.
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Ideas to use in resolving an issue with regard to personal productivity. Often used to increase effectiveness or efficiency.
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Questions around what techniques to use when learning new subjects or refreshing one's memory about what was learned previously. May also be tied to education.
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A number of organized procedures designed for a specific purpose.
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a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols for the intention of constructing or deriving meaning. It is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information & …
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a sequence of two or more tasks with a common objective.
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a time management method of interrupting work with a 5-minute rest every 25 minutes.
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the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things. Attention has also been referred to as the allocation of processing resources.…
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The rest one usually has at night that involves states such as dreaming.
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To instruct a person to follow a particular code of conduct or order. Discipline refers to methods of modeling character and of teaching self-control and acceptable behavior, for example, teaching a c…
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the divided attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction. Distraction is caused by: the lack of ability to pay attention; lack …
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the ability to store, retain, and recall information. This can apply both to organisms as well as to artificial systems.
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an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.
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The whole sleep transition, from preparing for sleep in the evening to waking up in the morning.
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email only in the context of person productivity.
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Habit an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically.
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Suggestions about productivity tips when using a computer.
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Questions on note taking processes, abbreviations, shorthand, stenography
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done in meeting goals. Proficiency of skills, choice of skills, and ability to execute are all components here. Generally the questions will be about maximizing one…
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The process of deriving a plan of action, as well as the plan of action itself.
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the process of recording the time that you or employees work on various projects or tasks for your customers, your company, or yourself. Time tracking software automates this process …
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How to combine and transition between using applications, web apps, and physical media, and the associated best practices and habits that increase personal productivity by streamlining the steps or se…
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Particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual.
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Questions about a list of tasks that may be written out or stored electronically.
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Doing multiple tasks "at once" as a person.