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I have tried a physical version of the device (Clicking countdown clock, in the shape of an apple.) and I found that sometimes get distracted by the clicking sounds of the timer.

For a digital version of the pomodoro timer (FocusBooster), I find myself distracted sometimes when I constantly look at the timer.

Are the any techniques to avoid losing your focus due to looking at the timer itself or the recurring sounds of it?

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How long have you used it? I started using a sleep analysis iPhone app and for the first week it kept me awake thinking about it, worrying if it was still running, etc.

As soon as it became mundane and familiar, the distraction went away. Consistent use is my suggestion.

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+1 - for consistency. Using anything consistently for few days make it a habit, and we don't care more about it. Like cycling, when we start, we think whether we are falling, is speed high. But after few days, it is just a flow and we no longer about worry about those things. – Abid Rahman K Feb 13 '13 at 15:36
Agree with this. In fact, the ticking will actually help you focus once you get used to it; it becomes a reminder that you should be working right now. – Muz Feb 14 '13 at 4:51

Once you have set up a Pomodoro, never return to it; you should only be distracted when it's over...

The whole point about the Pomodoro Technique is that you can fully concentrate yourself and your interruption will take place the moment the moment you need a pause; that way, your mind can fully forget about the timer as every time you go to the timer it would get distracted.

An audible timer is a must have; alternatively, you can have a modal dialog pop up on your screen.

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Then get one that doesn't click. The online and software ones almost all have that features.

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I was wondering about the implications of using the Pomodoro technique, and whether there would be a performance hit as a result of the distraction (awareness of using it, and the decreasing time left, ...). – JFW Sep 2 '11 at 16:06
@JFW: perhaps edit the question to say that in case my answer isn't a top one. – Brian Carlton Sep 2 '11 at 18:16

I'm using Pomodairo and it doesn't click. And also, like Brian says, it has a similar feature. (Like all timer :-))

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I add "estimated pomodori" to the task, and track time of real pomodori. The goal is to keep real pomodori less than estimated and have a little competition.

So when I look on the timer it's not distracting, it's reminding me that I have to keep working on the task if I want to meet my estimate.

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I use Android app to setup pomodoro timers. When I set them and start to work, I turn phone face down and give quick thought that I have set up my trusted system so I can concentrate on the work and I can be sure that I will be reminded to take pause when I should take it (in regards to my trusted system) so I do not have to think and worry about it at all. Key thing is to get in the state that you really trust your system and can explain yourself with good reasons why do you trust it and what benefits do you get from using it.

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