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I'm looking for a simple kind of smartwatch. The one that: - shows me the time (seems obvious) - monitors my sleep and wakes me up at the best moment (e.g. 15 minutes before the alarm time when I'm not in a deep sleep) - can work on battery for at least 14 days

I don't need all the fancy smartwatch stuff (text messaging, phoning with your watch, showing the agenda on your watch, ...) although I wouldn't resist if it's included.

Any ideas?

PS. I looked for another stack-exchange-group to post this question but couldn't find any. But since it's related to productivity (waking up on time?) I hope the question somewhat fits in this group.

ADDITION: After I posted this question, I decided to buy a Pebble smartwatch. I liked it that much that I bought a Pebble Time a year later. Now I'm even considering buying a new Pebble Time 2 (with integrated heart-beat-sensor).

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You can use your smartphone for that if you want; there are plenty of apps recording sleeping patterns, and some do the wake-up thingy IIRC – Jan Doggen Jun 24 '14 at 10:30
I tried it on my smartphone and you need to place it on your mattress when you sleep. You can knock it off, it doesn't detect well your sleep and it takes a lot of ressource (you need to live it plugged to use it though). – David 天宇 Wong May 24 at 0:27
Also I came here because I was looking for that myself. Fitbit Charge HR doesn't seem to provide that :/ (I wonder why) – David 天宇 Wong May 24 at 0:28
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I have not tried this, and not sure about battery life, but sounds like a fit otherwise: The SleepTracker Pro Elite Sleep Monitor

from their amazon page:

  • Digital watch monitors your sleep patterns to help you wake up
  • feeling refreshed Monitors physical data and wakes you at an optimal
  • almost-awake moment Offers vibrating alarm, ringing alarm, or both
  • Back-lit, digital display includes day and date Can download software
  • from their site to help you track your sleep patterns
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There are two solutions that come to mind, though neither of them are watches per se. Specifying a watch narrows the solution set.

  1. Jawbone UP. This device wraps around your wrist and keeps track of things like steps taken, exercise time, and sleep cycles. You can tell it to wake you up at a certain time, such as 6:30 AM, and a wake up range, such as 30 minutes. The band will monitor your sleep via movement patterns and wake you up sometime in the window between 6:00 AM and 6:30 AM where you are in your lightest sleep. It vibrates to wake you up, so it does not disturb your partner. It connects to your phone (either directly or via Bluetooth depending on model) to sync, and allows you to track and visualize your sleep patterns. I've used this and it's effective.
  2. Sleep As Android. You place this Android application at the edge of your bed on your mattress and it provides the same monitoring. Placing it on your side of the bed combats your partner affecting the results, but it isn't perfect. This also visualizes and tracks sleep patterns.

My recommendation is, instead of purchasing a watch that is completely devoted to only telling time and tracking sleep, it may be more advantageous to combine functions with existing technology, such as in an app, or taking advantage of other functions in the Jawbone UP. I hope this helps!

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The human body has an automatic system for waking up at the right time in one's sleep cycle: the need to pee kicks in at a shallow point in the sleep cycle. I find that it kicks in two or three times a night, separated by multiple of 90 minutes or so, giving me the option of staying awake at each of those times. Some younger folks are cursed with strong bladders that effectively disable this system or at least deprive them of some options I enjoy for waking up after 3, 4.5, or 6 hours after going to sleep.

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