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My hight is 170cm. Is this hight is a good hight? I saw in my workplace, people taller than me are given more preference and their voice is heared. I also feel inferior in front of them.

Is this notion is correct? Is there any solution to it?

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Is this hight is a good hight?

This is a very subjective question. For example, I'm 180 cm. Nothing wrong with my hight. Also 170cm is a good height. Don't care it ;)

In my opinion, If you are a women, 170 cm is a very good height. Please don't obsession it. And your career never matter about your height. It's only about in yourself and your ability.

Look at Allen Iverson, Spud Webb, Earl Boykins, Muggsy Bogues in NBA. They are very short according to the other NBA players. But they have very good jumping ability and they can dunk.

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