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What is exactly Gathering Point in Time Management?

What is the benefits of Gathering Points?

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Gathering Point is any place where unprocessed items are gathered -- things like e-mails, ideas, busy work, assignments, projects and so on..

An unprocessed item is one that you have not clearly identified of the following: what to do with it, when to do it, or where it should be done.

If any one of these three things are missing what, when, or where, then the place where that item is located is a Gathering Point.

To begin managing your Gathering Points, create a Gathering Point Worksheet and count how many Gathering Points you have.

6 Gathering Points


The Inbox is is a physical location where your unprocessed items should go: papers, receipts, magazines, books, cables, etc. It's the most important tool for keeping your space organized and should be close to your workspace. It's also important to determine the proper size Physical Inbox.

Portable Inbox

This is simply for the mobile extension inbox. You should take it where ever you go. Papers, pens, your personal stuffs. Like a briefcase, but it is not! It should has more than ones spots.


This is a flexible gathering point. Always carry it in your Portable Inbox. The size is up to you but I suggest A4. Small notepads are bad.

E-Mail Inbox

You should only have one email inbox -- if you have more than one account, consolidate them into one inbox. Most email programs can consolidate multiple accounts, even if they are not from the same domain. (i.e. Gmail can consolidate Yahoo) Here is a link explaining how to do it with Gmail.


Like your email inbox, you should have one voicemail inbox that consolidates all your voicemail accounts. Work voicemail, home voicemail...

Wild Card (Optional Gathering Point)

There are several options for a Wild Card Gathering Point. It's 100% up to you. It could be raw task list, text message inbox, a personal assistant, or a social media website inbox.

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A gathering point is basically a place where things collect.

A gathering point could be an e-mail account, a voice mail account, calendars, note books, one note notes ... Anywhere where information that you need to process collects.

The main idea is that if you have very many gathering points you spend alot of time checking them and consolidating information from them.

One video that I saw said that you should have a max of 6 gathering points.

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