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I was blogging about me using Pomodoros when proofreading a book. It worked in that it kept me disciplined and focused. In the conclusion I wrote "I'm not sure if it was the Pomodoros themselves that helped me or the fact that I was doing something different so felt obligated to be responsible."

Logically, it should have been the Pomodoros that mattered since the technique says to work for X minutes in a row. But I can't help but thinking that it was the fact that I was aware that I was measuring that got me to focus. Is there any research/articles that point to either hypothesis?

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I read your article in your blog and it is a very good question.

First of all, Pomodoro Techniques isn't for everyone. It’s a matter of personal preference of you. Some people apply it, if they think this technique makes their better, then they keep going it. Some people don't like it. So, it's %100 up to you.

getting distracted from my main task by other computer things or other items that need doing around the house

This called "Gathering Point" in time management. Read What is Gathering Point in Time Management? Also you can watch Time Management Fundamentals tutorial from Lynda.

getting so absorbed in my task that I forget to look away from the computer causing me to get a headache and need to stop

For this situation, you can read What should I do with my 30min break using the Pomodoro Technique. For me, freshing my brain is the best solution. Find which works makes you fresh. And apply it.

Logically, it should have been the Pomodoros that mattered.

So, did you really done something different for your feeling more responsible? We can't know that, you know. If you done, try not to do with your next pomodoro. This helps you notice, Pomodoro Technique is the only helping method for you or there are more things that can make it. No matter Pomodoro Tecnique is how much important, this is matter always about your feelings.

And I didn’t have a headache at the end of the day.

That is great. So, you are doing something right for yourself. Keep donig it. But learn, which methods or works killed your headache.

Also Lifehack has a great post called The Pomodoro Technique: Is It Right For You?

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