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I am deciding which software to use for my scheduling and to-do-list, note-keeping and based on some questions on this site, I decided on evernote and google keep (and I am deciding which application to use by narrowing my options). But I think their sync is not functioning real time. I mean, It may take one or two minutes to see the note which was added on desktop, to be appeared on a mobile device.

Is it normal such delay in sync? Because also in keep there is no separate sync button to use.

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Yes, that is normal. These systems can send an update out as soon as it happens, but it is also very likely that further along in the synchronization process they are polling/pushing with a certain interval, and not continuously.

Also bear in mind that these systems are used by massive amounts of users, so even if everything was immediately put in execution queues, the servers have a hard time processing all that data.

One or two minutes is not bad, and common for many services.


On the StackOverflow site, if you did some reviews and re-loaded the review screen, you would notice the number of items to be reviewed dropping. But since a few weeks they no longer drop immediately. Only after some time (refreshes) has the system updated all its counters.

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I noticed if the user is having both desktop and mobile application for Evernote, he has to sync his note changes on desktop software to update his notes on the server and if he wants to have his notes on his mobile, then again he has to sync to download his notes from server. This delay comes from this, as the process for upload/download notes exists in such software. I think it is reasonable, because by having the notes on the software's server, the user won't lose his notes and will be able to have his notes on any device he wants (even he re-news his mobile, his notes will not be erased). – Enthusiastic Student Jul 27 '14 at 9:22

Yes, I think this is fairly normal. If the app does not show a sync button then it is probably making the decision to sync based on other actions you do. Once you update something or change screens it may initiate the sync.

With we sync with the server after most actions so there is little if any delay.

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