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Background Story:

It has been ten years since I slept before 10 'o' clock and wake up at 6 or before.

In all these 10 years I have been atleast sleeping after 12 and waking up after 8 nowadays these has become 2 and 10.

I had to develop this sleep pattern

  1. To study peacefully

  2. To Watch Television

  3. To have some time alone to think about everything.

I developed this even though my parents advised me to change it.

Why I have to break this

  1. My face has become sleepy face the it project me as a energy less lazy person and I couldn't compete for leadership in the corporate ladder
  2. Now I need to do meditation and gym work outs its always better to do in morning
  3. Nowadays I find night reading is less effective

What I have done so far for recovery

I have tried to sleep and wakeup early but nothing has worked out sofar even if it worked out sometimes I couldn't keep up

what holds back from breaking this habit

While planning to make sleep schedules with much determination and vision but when the night time comes I feel kind of bored in my brain to sleep I really sturggle at the time and I feel bad for not able to achieve this small thing

So what I want finally

I have to wake up at 4'o' clock to achieve my carrier goals.

Any help is appreciated !

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What I'm missing in your text is how you plan to sleep (which is different from going to bed) at 9 in the evening. That would mean 7 hours of sleep until 4. Without that part any plan is going to fail. – Jan Doggen Jul 27 '14 at 9:56
And I would not phrase your question as "bad sleeping patterns". You just want to change your pattern to achieve new goals. – Jan Doggen Jul 27 '14 at 9:58
@JanDoggen I think you got my point you are welcome to do any edits.My aim is I really struggle with me and I want to win me – Rakesh patanga Jul 27 '14 at 10:00

I've had the same issue on and off over the years. I'm a serious triathlete in addition to being obsessed with my professional success.

This is what I've done and it may/may not work for you.

No.1 thing is - build a routine. It seems that you've already identified that point but it seems that your routine isn't working? The problem is it takes a long time of repeating the same behavior before it becomes second nature. Try to limit deviations (e.g. Friday+Saturday late nights out) at least for the short term and don't have any shows/activities you routinely do past 10pm.

No. 2 - eat earlier. Also read a bit into what foods won't affect your sleep or need a long time to digest.

No.3 - take natural sleeping pills. Natrol has great natural sleeping aids that aren't habit forming and help build the routine. They also help you sleep deeper/better so you wake up more rested even with 6 hours of sleep. Note: these natural sleeping aids won't 'knock you out' so they only work if you are already wiring yourself to sleep.

No.4 - Download SleepBot (or another similar app/wearable). This app has a feature that tracks movement while you sleep and a feature called smart alarm that wakes you up around the time you need to get up at a point where you are more likely to wake up easy.

No.5 - Allow natural light/use a home decide that recreates natural light when you want to wake up. Brains are wired to respond to natural light.

No.6 - Meditate before sleeping for about 10-15 mins to compartmentalize all your thoughts from the day and keep them out of creeping in your mind while you are trying to sleep.

No.6 - Solving puzzles or reading boring stuff that tire your brain may also work.

Final note: I visited a sleep specialist who suggested that each person may be hard wired to naturally sleep later and wake up later. In theory, your creativity/productivity may peak at 7pm while someone else's peaks at 10am. So if you were looking to maximize brain power (and if you had the luxury to do so from an employer perspective) you should try to find that sweet spot and milk it. But if you do want to 'rewire' your brain, then these are the only natural ways I've found that work. When I started it took me about 2 weeks before the habit was built and it became easier and more natural going forward (this was a 15-year old sleeping habit of sleeping after 12am and waking up 9am+).

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Hey, as I watched the description in your profile, it seemed like you are a very active and passionate person about the things you do. I am a 19 year old student in Germany and I am reading motivational books like "The Success principles" of Jack Canfield. I want to find out what I love to do and would like to ask you some questions on your life and how got there where you are right now. Would be awesome if we could chat for some minutes later :) You seem like an inspirational person to me – Ibrahim Apachi Jul 31 '14 at 9:02
Ibrahim - would be happy to share anything that may help you although I don't consider myself particularly accomplished. Send me an email/other form of contact I can reach you at. – georgall Aug 1 '14 at 5:51

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