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This is first time i'm using this site of stack network so i hope it's the right place.

I have problem with focusing to my plans. I'm a 23 years old software developer and i am working for a company. As i get better in my job i want to develop some ideas of mine.

I have only nights - after work - and weekends to write code for my projects. The only problem is i can't stop playing video games.

I'm playing some games with my best friends for 1.5 year and i can't stop it now. Whenever i start working on my project they call me to game and i go, when they are not around i mostly play alone. Afterwarda i feel bad about playing that much but thats it.

Right now i'm thinking about uninstalling all games from my pc but i don't know is this a good idea since i seems life addicted to them.

I'm looking for some advices to how yo reduce or cut off the gaming and focus on my plans.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you considered software to limit the amount of time you spend on games? – Jeanne Boyarsky Aug 4 '14 at 1:09
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Before you start to work on your project, you can try to turn off your phone, this is a good way to avoid being disturbed by other things. Now that you are addicted to games, do not uninstall all of them at one time, which I think is not a good idea. Everything needs a process. Try to uninstall most of them and keep one or two you love most on your computer. Everyday(at first everyday is ok, then reduce it to every two days, then step by step to reduce the time on it), you can spend proper time on the games and do not think games are all bad for our life, it's just one of our hobbies, some people love football, some love music, and some love games as you do. And get a reminder to alert you the time to stop playing games. Do not use the alarm on your phone, cos when you are playing games, you would ignore it easily. Find a reminder can be installed on your computer, when the time is due, the whole reminder window will pop up with the bell. Good luck!

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