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Does anybody have a good setup for combining Linenberger's approach MYWN Master Your Workday Now ( with Gnu Emacs (preferably org-mode)?

The essence of the approach by Linenberger is to divide tasks into urgency zones, the most important ones being critical now (which have absolutely to be done today) opportunity now (which you plan to do in the next 10 days) and over the horizon (which you will do afterwards). This allows to reduce the amount of tasks you are reviewing hourly or daily substantially.

This approach seems to me a way of getting the problem of too long todo lists, which arise especially in automated task lists and in particular in GTD.

Linenberger uses an automated approach by using the start date to put tasks which are not immediately due into the over the horizon zone. He uses toodledo and outlook for this.

The question is whether it is possible to do achieve at least some of it using Gnu Emacs (especially org-mode).

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Preliminary remark:
I've tried to set up a MYWN-system with Emacs org-mode and I'm working with it for more than a year now, however it's not yet complete.
I'll try to add more details in the following days. My emacs setup is very cluttered at the moment, so I don't want to share it as is.

How to use Emacs org-mode for M. Linenberger's MYWN*

*Master Your Workday Now resp. One-Minute-Todolist

  • use the scheduled date as start date
  • use the deadline as deadline date
  • use priority a-c for the urgency zones
  • use tags or categories for your contexts (if you want/need them)
    I like using the CATEGORY property if I have a Heading with sub-headings which is kind of a project. Then with marking this line in the agenda and hitting the > key I can narrow the agenda to only this project
  • you can use a tag "SOC" for marking significant outcomes, they will be put on top of your agenda view

Then for getting your overview:

  • as a starting point, create a block agenda with the command "Todays Agenda (MYWN)" described below which shows SOCS, Critical Now, Opportunity Now ordered by Priority and descending date Screenshot Todays Agenda (MYWN) Example

  • when using the system you'll see that you might need other custom agendas e. g. for

    • getting a list of your projects
    • weekly review
    • time tracking or analyzing clock reports or logs
    • often used searches/filters

Remarks (room for improvement)

  • I've currently not included Now Goals in this setup
  • The shown agenda also shows the tasks which are due some days in advance, so it is not ideal for the focused daily work, but better for planning today and at the same time having in mind what will be coming up the next days, however it is no problem to create a second similar agenda which only shows tasks due today or overdue

Emacs settings

Custom agenda for MYWN

 '(org-agenda-custom-commands (quote
 (("h" "Todays Agenda (MYWN)" (
 (tags "SOC" ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Significant Outcomes (SOC)") (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (scheduled-down deadline-down)))))
 (agenda "" ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Critical Now") (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (deadline-down priority-down scheduled-down timestamp-down))) (org-agenda-entry-types (quote (:deadline))) (org-agenda-time-grid nil)))
 (agenda "" ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Opportunity Now") (org-agenda-entry-types (quote (:scheduled :timestamp :sexp))) (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (scheduled-down priority-down timestamp-down))) (org-agenda-time-grid nil)))
 ) nil nil) )))

Example org-file

here is a very basic example org-mode file for testing:

* Optimize MYWN setup with Emacs org-mode :SOC:
:CATEGORY: TrustedSystem
[2015-03-24 Di 08:41]
** TODO [#A] Create proper Emacs setup for MYWN
DEADLINE: <2015-03-24 Di>
[2015-03-24 Di 08:41]
** TODO [#A] Export Emacs setup for Anton
DEADLINE: <2015-03-25 Mi>
[2015-03-24 Di 08:43]
* My work
[2015-03-24 Di 08:44]
** TODO [#A] Talk to my manger about raise
SCHEDULED: <2015-03-24 Di>
[2015-03-24 Di 08:44]
** TODO [#A] Accomplish business report
[2015-03-24 Di 08:44]
** Business plan
:CATEGORY: BusinessPlan
[2015-03-24 Di 08:44]
*** TODO [#A] Get numbers for business plan from accounting
SCHEDULED: <2015-03-21 Sa>
[2015-03-24 Di 08:44]
*** TODO [#A] Create draft for report :SOC:
SCHEDULED: <2015-03-24 Di>
[2015-03-24 Di 08:45]
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You can view the urgency zones as contexts. You can then setup your system in org mode using the contexts Critical Now, Opportunity Now, and Over-the-Horizon. Everything works the same as in GTD, except that you use the contexts in a different way.

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