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I have a selection of tasks that I have to do regularly. To fulfil the task, I have to do a predictable set of subtasks and keep track of them. I wonder how others handle this situation. I will describe my method in an answer.

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Why didn't you tried describing your method in your question? – Soner Gönül Oct 9 '11 at 12:56
Question: "An expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply." Answer: "A spoken or written reply, as to a question. A correct reply. A solution, as to a problem." – Stuart Woodward Apr 8 '12 at 0:00

The way I handle this is to create a series of template folders. A template consists of a number of text files which are numbered with a suggested completion sequence and the word TODO. i.e.

00 - TODO - Send a mail X.txt
10 - TODO - Open a Ticket in Ticket Desk.txt
20 - TODO - Fill Ticket number in Log.txt
30 - TODO - Do Action.txt
40 - TODO - Close Ticket.txt
50 - TODO - Send Closing Mail to X. txt
NB - Link to Ticket Desk Manual.lnk

Inside each text file are the details about how to complete the subtask so another person can take over the work. On receipt of a new task I copy the appropriate template folder to my active TASKS folder and name it with a sequential tracking number. (I stamp this number on all related paper documents related to the task using a rubber stamp). As I complete each sub task I change the status in the file name to DONE. Any notes related to the task are kept in the appropriate text file. Once all the subtasks reach DONE, I then archive the whole task folder to a DONE folder.

00 - DONE - Send a mail X.txt
10 - DONE - Ticket #123445.lnk
20 - DONE - Fill Ticket number in Log.txt
30 - PENDING - Do Action.txt
40 - TODO - Close Ticket.txt
50 - TODO - Send Closing Mail to X. txt
NB - Link to Ticket Desk Manual.lnk

As well as subtask text files, the TEMPLATE folder can contain links to resources. i.e. a link to the Ticket Desk "New Ticket" page so you can create a ticket by just clicking on the link. In the above example the #10 task, in the copied task folder, would be replaced by a "10 - DONE - Ticket 12345" which is a shortcut to the web based Ticket Systems status page for this ticket. Basically, the folder contains all necessary information and useful links to complete the task.

By sharing the TASKs and TEMPLATES, DONE folder on shared network drive, a co-worker can check the status and take over the task in your absence.

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