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How can I leverage the people around me in order to achieve better productivity on my own tasks? I feel that GTD does not have to be an one man show. Is there some sort of social-GTD?

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Then how about How can I help develop a culture that positively impacts my motivation to work? – Huperniketes Jun 24 '11 at 8:47
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Find a peer group that is productive. Seriously. Productivity is like running, or cycling, or a number of other individual sports that require a constant effort and benefit from peer interaction. It is fine to do solo runs, but spending some time with a pack can help get you motivated and will help you build up a good cadence.

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Maybe tell the people around you about how you are trying to increase your productivity. I've "trained" my coworkers how to approach me better. My coworker trained people to honor is Pomodoro cycles.

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Here are a few general ideas that come to my mind:

  1. Ideas - This can be new ways of doing things, new ways of seeing things or just new data to process. How well are you able to get ideas out of other people? Do you know which areas they know really well? How well are you able to get an expression of that knowledge?

  2. Support - This would be in areas like encouragement, sympathy and empathy to my mind. Do you want someone to be cheering you to help you get to peak performance? Would throwing down a challenge work any better? Consider how you want to see this support, what words and actions would describe it.

  3. Distraction - Sometimes it may be useful to help someone else get something done and then they may offer to help with your problems. This may be much better than just getting someone to help you finish something.

You may want to look into "Mastermind Groups" that may be useful ways of finding other like-minded individuals to raise your game.

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