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I want to do something big in life, travel around the world, earn 7 digit salary, buy an island etc. but don't know how and from where to begin?

Also, watched THE SECRET over 5 times, tried meditating but I couldn't decide anything for myself. Which path to follow, what to do and how to do.

Please give serious elaborate answers.

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If money is no issue, what would you do first? It's very likely that is also what you should aim for now. Find which things you need to accomplish to do the main goal, and then work on each thing. – Juha Untinen Oct 1 '15 at 11:58
Have you tried searching for why you want to do something big? Do you want recognition from others? Do you want to leave a mark in history? Do you want to live your life to the fullest? For each reason why, there are more ways than earning/spending a lot of money. You can help through charity, helping others, being an example, raising a family/community/city. Maybe a charity is your thing, maybe politics? Think why before you think what. – Konerak Oct 6 '15 at 8:35

Some suggestions:

  • Pick some examples: Who do you consider people that have "achieved something big"? Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson? Read their autobiographies and in-depth interviews. Don't pick just one, everybody has their flaws, you need to generalize over multiple people.
  • Pick three main goals in life: Once you feel that you have the potential to achieve something big, you're at risk of spreading yourself too thin, and trying to achieve too many things at once. Take all the things that you might like to do, and rank them. Pick the top three. The rest are hobbies. Everything else is in support of these three: you'll need something to do in your downtime, you'll need to do some sports to stay healthy, work some crappy job to make money, but don't forget: you're doing it to support the main three. The reason to pick three, is to have a fallback in case the top one doesn't work out, or your priorities change. It's also easier to pick three than just one.
  • Hone your ambitions: sure, owning an island sounds nice, but what's the reality of it? Is it really worth working 10 hours a day for 10 years with no weekends, just to own an island? Consider your ambitions, and separate the empty symbols from the ones you really couldn't stomach having to let go of.
  • Work on productivity: You have sixteen hours every day. How are you going to get the most out of them? you could work the full sixteen, but you won't keep that up forever. Figure out a reasonable rhythm that feels impressive, but manageable. Try the pomodoro technique, try different kinds of music. Never stop experimenting with your process.
  • Get up early: And I mean early. 5AM, every day, no exceptions. This seems to be the attribute that all the most productive people share.
  • Read: Educate yourself broadly. Science, economics, life. Learn to learn faster and more efficiently. Knowledge is useful at the most surprising times in the most surprising ways.
  • Be prepared to fail often: Every time you fail, you've learned something. Pick yourself up and try again. Never dig yourself so deep into a project that failure means losing everything. This also goes for getting up at 5AM, reading a fifth of a book every day, you'll fail at all of them many times before they stick.
  • Build up investments: As others have pointed out, most your ambitions are at least partly financial. One of the best strategies is to try many different things. Make risky investments (in yourself and others) but spread that risk over many different ones, so that you're never dependent on one particular idea working out.
  • Don't fall in love with your own ideas: Once you have something that you think might be valuable, get to work on it, and test it as soon as possible. If you've thought of fun website, don't build it: draw it on paper. Don't ask people what they think of it (you'll get polite responses), ask them how they would interact with it, whether they can explain the idea back to you. Be merciless to your idea, let the real world beat it around to sharpen it.
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You should ask yourself - what do you want to do in your life? What do you love? What matters to you?

This is most important part of life. Do what you want to do. If you are happy - that's great.

You want to achieve something big. Really BIG. But what does it mean? I think everybody has his own definition of something big. If you want to earn a lot of money - try to monetize your best skills. Run own business etc. You want to travel? Then... travel. You want to be master in something? Practise a lot!

I think that The Secret makes no sense. If you want to have something do not lay down and wait for it. Work for it.

Look for inspiration, opportunities and do not look at others. Maybe few years from now, "do something big" will mean to you something really different to what it means now?

Look for your own definition of something big. For me most important thing is to be happy. I do not want admiration of others.

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All the examples you provide involve money. So for you "doing something big" is about making it financially. I guess all the hippy stuff about "leaving a world better than the one you found", "making a contribution", etc, would just be a bonus for you (everybody, when reminded, adds "yeah yeah, that too", because makes you sound sensitive). That's a first hint about your interests and priorities in life. Now how to court money? Ah, I wish I knew myself. There is something about money that makes it like a completely different realm. Some of the members of our species get it and some don't. And usually, if you look at economically successful people, they are not the most intelligent or cultivated specimens among us. But then, one day they will die, like any other of us. We all die alone. In your dying bed, will you look at your safe full of gold and say "it was worth it"? Or will you need something else to bring you peace? Because that's what vocation means. What will bring you peace at that moment, when the picture is complete? Keeping your mortality frequently in mind is not depressing, on the contrary it helps you living a better life.

And oh boy, how easy is to solve other people's life instead of looking at your own mess. But you asked for an elaborated answer so there you go.

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You conclude that the question is about 'making if financially', yet you do not in any way answer how to court money. So you are not answering the question, just commenting. – Jan Doggen Oct 1 '15 at 14:33

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