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I need an application for storing and managing information relating to general knowledge, science..etc which can be used in quiz. For an example I collect news such as "Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine for the year 2011 is awarded to 'Bruce.A.Beutler' and 'Jules.A.Hoffman' on '10/10/2011'. I need a software where I can store information like this with date. I should be able to filter data according to date and if possible category (such as world news, local..etc.)

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Welcome, this site is for Personal Productivity problems, try Super User instead. – Tom Wijsman Oct 11 '11 at 23:12
Sorry for the inconvenience. Please close the question. – kaushik Oct 12 '11 at 15:57
I think this would go here, no? The question is not completely clear, but I take it's about learning, isn't it? We do talk about apps for productivity all the time. Please clarify, @kaushik. – Vic Goldfeld Nov 23 '11 at 19:09
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I think you have two things to consider, a note-taking tool, and a quiz-maker.

Note-taking tool There are many alternative online solutions such as Evernote, Google notebook's new alternative Jottinx), Zoho or many similar platforms. But my recommendation is to use Tiddlywiki accompanied by Dropbox. Tiddlywiki is just a single html file where you hold all your notes. Download the empty version and explore it. You can create tags (such as general knowledge, science, etc. in your case) and filter your notes by the tags. There's even a timeline for your edits which is accessible on the right panel. You can create readable notes using the wiki syntax. All your changes will be saved to the file before you exit and you may create backups. There are various themes and plugins. Since there will be a single html file storing all your data, I recommend you to use Dropbox (or any alternative) to synchronize and backup this file so that you can use the same notebook from all of your devices.

Quiz-maker After you have the data, you can create quizzes using Zoho Challenge. There are also many other online quiz makers, please see some here. As a personal note, I like Surveymonkey a lot but it seems to be not ideal for quiz-making since you need to take care of grading yourself.

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