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I need to find a program or excel template to help me track what I do during the day. The ideal candidate would be simple to use, and I would spend virtually no time filling it out. I would then like it to graph what I've done over a certain time period (say a week or month).

For example: I would like to see how much sleep I got this week. The graph would show the differences between what I got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. This could be the same for the amount of time I spent eating, working, relaxing, etc.

Does something like this exist already? A lot of time tracking programs are for business and work use, and I really want to track my whole life not just my work. But if any of those programs could be adapted for life use, I'm willing to give it a shot.

One option I've explored a little bit has been an excel spreadsheet. This way, I could input the time into the sheet on my iPhone, and transfer it over to my computer to graph it. But I can't figure out how to set up the spreadsheet to give me the info I need. Any/all suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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Try to use some application dedicated to track the money spending.

There you can create the category and write down how many did you spend. In your case, the category would be "working, relaxing, sleeping" and as amount you can write the hours, or minutes.

This application will summarize all your entries and it gives you the statistics - per week, per month, some graphs... It depends on concrete application. It makes the summary graph for every month.

I have tried the online portal for the money spend, enter image description here

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Very interesting use for money tracking software! – Nicolás Oct 26 '11 at 21:22

I use Watership Planner and it seems that it do all what you want and a lot more.

There are a few more views, bar chart for example which i find great, which is not shown here.

Use Watership Planner’s graphs to gain insight into exactly where your time is going. Compete with yourself by comparing the effectiveness of your days. Track down problems in productivity with many powerful metrics. Pushing yourself towards new levels of productivity is easy when someone is keeping score.

Watership Planner

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+1 for adding an image and text, welcome to Productivity.SE! :) – Tom Wijsman Nov 20 '11 at 18:04

I use a program called TagTime. It works on the principle of stochastic time tracking and tagging. The basic idea is laid out in a blog post, but the basics of it are that the most likely time that you will be polled for what you are doing is always RIGHT NOW. It is a bit lacking in the charts and graphs department, but I'm actually a developer on the Android Version of TagTime, which is slowly improving and will probably have some nifty charts soon.

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I like the idea of using a money tracker and a time tracker. If you really want to document time in "real time" to guarantee you're getting an accurate assessment of your daily activities I think I'd lean toward the time tracking app. I use one - TSheets - and you can take your numbers from your spreadsheet and input them to generate your reports or since you have an iPhone already you could use a mobile time tracking app to record your activities from your phone as they happen. Excel type time tracking spreadsheet time tracking report

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