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How effective is it to integrate the rehearsal of a text with speed reading it?

I ask this because when I was taking the course Breakthrough Speedreading, a common routine for getting speed was to read a passage a few times around, then speed read far beyond your comprehension and immediately after follow the material with a passage you had never read, and read it for comprehension (the effect was that you'd do it faster without conscious effort, just like lighter weights become incredibly more light just after you've worked far heavier weights at the gym).

So what happens when I use a text I have not just read a few times through, but rehearse daily and pretty much know it by heart? Does my rehearsal suffer from speed reading the text instead of reading for maximum comprehension?

On the other hand, am I really practicing speed reading here when I zap through it's lines, already guessing what's to come? And is the practice (the drill) any use if I don't immediately follow it with reading completely new material?

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I wouldn't practice speed reading on memorized material. Instead read new novels to practice your skills.

If you re-read something which is allready memorized, you're just wasting time. Since you allready know what's on the pages.

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