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For me, tracking projects has always been the hardest and most intractable part of GTD. In particular, how to manage future actions and keep track of sub-projects I've delegated to others.

Future actions

I've toyed with documenting next actions in a project list and appending a project titles to tasks, but I struggle because with small, quickly accomplished tasks the list thrashes so much it's hard to stay on top of it. I just never feel like I have a good home for future actions or a canonical place to keep my in-work projects.

Sub-projects assigned to others

If I've asked someone to do a specific task it's easy enough to put in a waiting for context list in RTM. I struggle when I've assigned someone something that's a project in it's own right, but only a sub-project within my scope. I can track specific actions I've given them, but don't have a good way of being able to quickly see their progress towards the larger goal and ensure they're focused on the right things.


I've heard a little about Trello and it seems like it was designed for this problem: it resides above the bug/task level and does more for tracking projects, but I haven't really experimented with it because I'm not sure where to start. Has anyone developed a good Trello workflow and figured out how to integrate it into a GTD system and task tool like RTM?

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I don't practice GTD (at least not consciously), but I moved all my todo lists to Trello, since it is the easiest way I found. It is just fun, and works with my Android device. – Mikle Dec 13 '11 at 21:34

Adam, I don't use classic GTD anymore and moved all my tasks from Things to Trello. With my team we use this workflow

GTD is too private for me. Trello works fine for teams and personal use.

By the way there is iPhone app for Trello

Trello is great if you like Kanban :)

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Trello is on iPad now, too. – lorddev Mar 24 '13 at 5:09

I use Trello for GTD and more project management. My simplest work flow usually goes Ideas > To Do > Doing > Done, but of course it gets more complicated for larger projects which actually works out very well. It scales very well considering how easy it is to share with a team and work with.

There are a lot of ideas for flow, one is from Trello's official official development board which they've shared here:

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I think GTD can be done with Trello. You just need something as an inbox. GTD is all about managing lists and Trello can do that. For contexts you can use colors for example, it's just a bit limited by the max number of colors you can use.

Good luck :)

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