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Are there any resources on using Pomodoro in teams?

According to The Pomodoro Technique the book, the "text" Applying the Pomodoro Technique in Teams details the Pomodoro technique for teams, but I couldn't find this text anywhere.

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The last chapter in Staffan Nötebergs awesome Pomodoro Technique Illustrated deals with teams. It talks about how to use it to control meetings and how to apply it to pairs. I am not sure if this is the book you are referring to? – froderik Dec 27 '11 at 17:24
No, I was referring to Francesco Cirillo's book. I didn't know about Pomodoro Technique Illustrated. I'll check it out, thanks. – Lev Dec 27 '11 at 19:51 - was written by small team of pomodoro technique enthusiasts. We were using scrum+pomodoro technique (ETAs in pomodori) and simple google doc for sprints data and burnout charts. But this was "just for fun" project.

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As I recall correctly, there are some pieces on Pomodoros in team in the book but, not a section which shows all the details of using it in teams.

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