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I have some tasks to complete everyday (the same task every day) or on a weekly basis (e.g. every Saturday) and during a particular period (e.g. January 10 to April 20). Are there any applications that can display the tasks each day? This will help motivate me to do the work.

  • I would prefer applications that do not require the Internet for use beyond installation.
  • I do not need to specify the exact time for the task, only that it should be completed within a particular day.
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This question appears to be asking two questions and really needs to be edited down so it's clear what's being asked. The first part proposes a straightforward question about a et to remind yourself to complete tasks with specific attributes; the second is a question about motivation. I'm not sure how anyone could answer the motivation question without more data on why you're not motivated, and even then it's likely a subjective and localized answer. – Adam Wuerl Jan 4 '12 at 3:50
If I have some software saying "Do this today" that is motivation enough for me. – Village Jan 4 '12 at 5:34
That's all that was needed. Thanks. – Adam Wuerl Jan 4 '12 at 12:37

Contrary to Dennis's claim, I think that StickK and Beeminder can motivate you. Neither are Android apps, but Beeminder has an email and SMS interface for reporting your completion of tasks.

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It is unlikely that any application is going to be able to motivate you. There are several that can remind you, though.

CalenGoo is a calendar app. It can sync with your Google or Outlook calendar(s), but doesn't need to. It does nice reminders, and has a very good and flexible recurrence function. Create an "all day" entry and a reminder will pop up.

There are any number of to-do applications. Many of them are web based with an Android front end, so may not meet your "not require the Internet" constraint. If that isn't a hard and fast requirement, Remember The Milk lets you have your task list on your device, you can work with it locally. The free version lets you sync once a day, so you could treat the online app as a backup service. The advantage here is that it can be configured to send you email as task due reminders.

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Astrid todo list / task manager allows you to create tasks that repeat at a specified interval. It has reminders and can also schedule the tasks in Google Calendar. There is a web interface, but the app will work fine without any syncing to either or Google.

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Any.Do has all the features you are looking for.

One additional advantage of Any.Do over others is that it has the option of Drag and Drop which lets you organise your list in any way you want.

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I quite like the Android App ColorNote for keeping lists -- 150,000 five-star ratings can't be wrong. It's well put together and works intuitively, and is free and has no ads. It's not specific to tasks -- I mostly use it for grocery shopping -- but you don't say that you need prioritizing or due-by-set-date or anything. I'd just make a list for each day and each week and uncheck all the items (menu->list->uncheck all items) at the beginning of each day/week.

(I have no relationship to ColorNote, I just like it).

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