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I recently released my app PomodoroApp to help me track my performance of applying Pomodoro Technique. The first feedback I got from the comments of this question is "Another one would be option to choose time interval different from 25 min." by multipole, a really nice user and early adapter.

I understand that less is more. Giving more options is actually bring more trouble to users. I've ever investigated that how much time should be in a Pomodoro, from the inventor's book, 25 minutes. I've using 25 minutes for months, and feel very comfortable.

So the question is: Do you always use 25 minutes work/5 minutes rest interval? If not, what's the interval you set and could you tell me more information about why you set your interval?

Thanks a bunch for reading. I just want to understand that how others play with Pomodoro Technique and make better software.

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Incidentally I downloaded your application today. I found that default time you have set is 15 minutes.

I feel 25 minutes is ok with a short interval of 5 minutes one pomodoro and and long interval of 25 mintues after 4 pomodoro.

I have not used much of your application. Hope by tomorrow I shall use and let you know if I can make any valuable feedback.

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Thanks a lot for your trial. I'm looking forward to your feedback. – Mason Zhang Jan 17 '12 at 4:08

I already have timers I'm happy with. But I find that 25/5 is about right for me most of the time.

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My Preferred interval is 45 minutes for a Pomodoro, followed by 5 minutes of break.

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This is mostly personal preference...I'm unaware of any research that nails down specifically why a particular time period is better than another. 25+5 minutes has the advantage of dividing an hour into two blocks with a reasonable amount of "break" time, and most people organize their days by hours. I find that I usually need more time in a working block and tend to use 40+5, which obviously fits neatly into 90 minute blocks.

Looking at my list of sessions over the last month, in descending order of use:

  1. 40+5
  2. 25+5
  3. 25+10
  4. 50+10

All that said: I wouldn't use an app that didn't allow me to program specific intervals!

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