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In word processors (such as Microsoft Word or Libreoffice), you right-click on an incorrectly spelled word to bring up a list of suggestions.

Is there a shortcut key that does the same thing so I don't have to keep moving away from the keyboard to the mouse?

Alternatively, is it more productive to simply ignore any spelling or grammar mistakes and correct them all either when you're finished/every hour or so?

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On most windows machines these days there's a key that produces the same effect as a right-click of the mouse. That's a hardware thing, so it should work in pretty much all programs. It is usually between the Alt and Ctrl keys to the right of the space bar, often has an icon that looks kind of like a dropdown menu. Non-QWERTY keyboards, YMMV.

To do the spellcheck/correction with keyboard only, navigate the cursor to the word (CTRL-arrow), then hit the right-click key, and arrow to the correction you want.

My experience is that it is generally faster to draft a lot of text, then go back and edit the text, rather than edit as you go. And in that case, the mouse is probably faster.

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Aha! I found the key you were talking about. Thanks! – Michael0x2a Jan 16 '12 at 18:52

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