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I'm wondering if there are any GTD or to-do list apps that sync locally and not to the cloud? This would be useful for devices that do not have internet access and need to plug in to a computer to sync in/out. Do any of these exist anymore? Android or IOS.

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Three approaches come to my mind, the last being probably closest to what you're looking for:

  • set up a local sync server, for example with funambol, and point your CalDAV clients to use it when connected locally. This limits you to what the clients offer, and you may be searching a while to find the perfect client for your needs, or at least one that's offering enough for you to like it.
  • rely on local files, and, if needed across devices, store them on a networked filesystem space, such as NFS, or cloud filesystem space, such as dropbox or ubuntu one, or copy them across using a tool like rsync when connected to the filesystem of your computer. (rsync, while available for Android and iOS as well, is a unix-based tool for keeping directory trees synced within the local filesystem or across the network)
  • file-based as above, but keep your file in sync across networked devices through a networked version control system, such as cvs or subversion. This would take care of conflicting entries within the same file, while the rsync approach would prefer whichever file is newest, failing to maintain the older change when both files have been modified.

I for myself am very much in favour of local file-based tools, especially if the format they use is made of clear text and can be appended to with simple tools from the commandline, and edited with a plaintext editor if need be. One example for a small file-based solution would be mGSD, a TiddlyWiki, another file-based thing is ToDo.txt, which has it all: iOS, Android and a shell-script based Desktop client.

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I accepted this answer because it was more in-depth than the other answers, which could also have been accepted – Raystafarian Feb 11 '12 at 15:13

Things currently syncs locally over wifi, but is only available for Apple devices. They are working on a cloud sync currently - I'm not sure if they intend to keep this as an option once cloud sync is complete, but for now it does exist and work.

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OmniFocus can be configured to sync locally. It has a number of sync'ing options, actually.

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MyLifeOrganized can sync with Windows mobile, Android, iPhone and Blackberry locally and through the cloud service on line. I had used many other software/services but stopped on this.

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MyWeek has a local database, and it is also possible to sync with if you want to. If you choose to do so, you can still add tasks locally and it will sync and merge the databases whenever you get internet access again.

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