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When using WebEx for remote training of software systems, is there a point at which a session is too long. At what point is onsite training better than trying to do it remotely?

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for long training sessions, I found that on-site, face to face sessions is much better. However, if it needs to be done over a WebEx, the following points may help

  • Have frequent breaks in between seatings. I find that my colleagues and I can only have full concentration on a TV screen, projector or computer monitor for about 50 to 60 mins. Having a short break allows the brain to refresh itself.
  • Engage the classroom. I find that if I talk to the teacher, even if it is through the WebEx connection, I feel more engage in the subject matter, hence the information will be absorbed better.
  • Book a room. This removes the office distraction if the WebEx session is shown on someone's desk. The background noise is sometimes picked up and corrupts the audio.
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It's always better to do it onsite. If better means more learning. It's just that sending someone costs more and takes more of the trainer's time.

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