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Does it make sense to keep the Pomodoro watch on the top of all windows (computer) - all the time?

I mean is it helpful and sensible to "keep an eye" always (while working) on the Pomodoro watch ticking or is it a plain distraction?

Have some studies been done in this matter?

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No, it was not how the system was designed. The Pomodoro Technique should train you to have your own sense/feel of time. So, given enough time with it, you should be able to know when your 25 minutes are up, and pace yourself accordingly. It trains you to avoid the whole "I didn't realize it was already..." feeling.

It shouldn't be on top of your windows, blocking your progress! At best, it should be at the side (in the taskbar or on your table).

If you want a sense of urgency from the Pomodoro, you should make it auditory, rather than a distracting visual. That is, have an actual ticking Pomodoro timer or play the ticking sound somewhere.

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I doubt that studies have been done on this aspect, so my personal take is no way! I should be able to pull it up and glance at it if I want to, but it would be a distraction if I felt I was somehow racing against it or being overly governed by it.

What could be nice is a 3 or 4 minute warning before the end. That way I could start to mentally prepare and make sure I'm at a good stopping point by the final bell. See this related question ...

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I would agree with Mason. It should be visible constantly, w/out distraction. Task Bar displays accomplish this well. Still, I do like the idea of a warning [some apps do incorporate this, though it is often only visually {with numbers turning red} and not early enough in the cycle]

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This is really based on your personal interest. When I design the user experience for PomodoroApp, I've considered people who prefer a floating window and people who does not. So in PomodoroApp, If you prefer to see a floating widget on top of other windows, you can enable this. More importantly, and that's my favorite style: a timer on task bar (Windows 7), remaining "minute" is designed as number, but the seconds is analog style on back of minute to reduce distraction. I think this is the balance between a floating widget and a system tray icon. You can refer to the picture below:

enter image description here

I have ever asked this question on this forum, and want to understand which style is preferable for most of people. Unfortunately I got 3 down votes for my question.

You can also open the PomodoroApp website to get more information.

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Yes.It makes visual 'clock ticking' effect described in pomodoro technique book

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