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I have recently started to employ pomodoro as a way to allocate time for working on specific tasks (using Pomodorium) and am starting to see encouraging results. I figured if there's some tool that integrates GTD with it, I would be a lot more encouraged to also get started with GTD (by setting aside 25 min slots to list activities that I need/want to do but have never been given proper time budgets). Otherwise I may consider the use of Tracks 2.0 for that purpose, but with less inclination. So the question is, is there a single app (or a combination that comes close) I could use to address these needs?

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I don't quite see the tool you're describing. To my mind, Pomodora and GTD don't really intersect. One does GTD and get's down to the level of Next Actions. When you get to doing those NA's, you can choose to use different tools/methods as needed. Depending on the task, tools could be a hammer or a phone or...Pomodoro. – eflat Feb 25 '12 at 7:38
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Here is one such application ("Most Popular Pomodoro & GTD Integration Software"):

I found it at Which computer-based Pomodoro timers exist and what are their features? which has other apps you can try out.

@eflat: The link between Pomodoro and GTD is that during your Pomodoro you are supposed to write down any internal interruptions so you can decide what do to about it later. You realize later that you're pretty much creating a "GTD Inbox". If you're already doing GTD, it makes sense to write your internal interruptions into your existing GTD Inbox (so you can do it, categorize/tag, or otherwise decide what to do with it).

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