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I have a tendency to open numerous tabs in Firefox and leave them open , mainly because I've found things interesting or useful and want to be able to refer back to them. However having hundereds open slows my PC down as it uses up tons of memory and also if I get a nasty crash I can lose them all. I've tried bookmarking them, but then I forget about them or the bookmark title bares no relation to the content of the page or why I wanted to keep it. I've tried storing in Evernote but this has a tendency to destory the formating, include unneccessary info or adverts and also becomes static, so I miss any updates. I've even tried a FireFox add-on that limited the number of tabs I could open, but that became annoying to use as I had to sacrifce other tabs to make way for new ones.

I want to be able to:

  • easily catalogue these tabs with sufficient info that I know why I catalogued them
  • easily find ones I'm looking for
  • if possible find out when a page has been updated

EDIT: I'm not concerned with keeping things in sync between browsers on different computers

Is there a tool, addon or method people use to do this and if so what or how?

Anything that would increase my efficiency in managing this problem (I'm sure I'm not the only one) would be appreciated.

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How long do you want to store these tabs: until you read them or long-term? – dnbrv Mar 15 '12 at 23:34
Try the session manager extension. – JakeParis Mar 16 '12 at 14:11

Xmarks is a web-based tool that lets one sync their bookmarks, passwords, and open tabs. They have a premium version that even syncs open tabs between your desk and mobile phone ("open tab sync").

I've been using the free version with Firefox across three computers and am very happy with it.

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I like TabGroups Manager which essentially lets you group tabs, within a set of tabs. Plus you can hibernate and sleep tabs so that they only load when you click at the tab group.

You can then create a tab for each subject or area you are interested in, and drag tabs into those groups.

Under the hood TabGroups Manager just uses the regular Firefox tab groups to store the tabs, so it should work with the built in profile syncing in Firefox.

I can recommend the Tab Mix Plus extension to ensure you never lose your tabs. It works well with TabGroups Manager though I have noticed some memory issues with Tab Mix Plus sometimes.

enter image description here

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