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I am using when working on my mac. It can trigger scripts when starting / stopping a Pomodoro.

Ideally, it would integrate with time tracking tools such as paymo or harvest.

I am a ruby developer so I could write a script to do that but I don't want to reinvent the wheel;)

What alternative tools / scripts do you use?

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I voted up, but would suggest making your question a bit clearer. Are you looking for scripts that a pomo tool can call, or a pomo tool alternative? If both maybe they should be two different questions? – studgeek Jul 23 '14 at 17:56

I use an iOS app called Pomio for iPhone and iPad. It records everything and creates a simple timesheet.

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I use Keep Focused, which is free and easy to use. You can also enter some basic description before each activity, useful if you want to track the activities afterwards.

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I guess that you'll have write a 10 lines script to do that. There must be Ruby Gems for those time tracking tool. I'm actually thinking of integrating with Redmine and write a ticket number as my pomodoro description.

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I suggest Tomatoes: it's a free and open source Rails app.

I originally want to connect with Freckle but their buggy API didn't make my work easy.

I'm planning to expose an API to connect Tomatoes with tools such Pomodoro by Ugo Landini. You can fork the project at and add any feature you're searching for.

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I would recommend checking out TSheets for your time tracking tool - it's similar to Harvest and Paymo - and they are great about integrating into your current systems...

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