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Evernote has a handy email address one can forward an email to, so it appears in Evernote.

I'm trying to ditch Evernote and move to OneNote but this is a road block so far.

To get from Gmail to Evernote, it looks like I'd have to IMAP Gmail in Outlook and use Outlook's "Send to OneNote" feature.

A big productivity killer.

I don't want Outlook around. Gmail is my preferred email client.


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Potential workaround is, if you use Firefox, to use the Firefox extension for oneNote - I'm an Evernote user, but I suspect this might be a easier workflow at the cost (potentially) of some productivity...

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Not a Firefox user but I see the developer also has a Chrome version. I tried both, the Chrome version is very raw at this stage. The Firefox version was a bit more mature but still had problems with graphics coming across. – jontyc Mar 21 '12 at 0:07

A method I tried but I don't think I can live with is having Outlook around but doing nothing but checking a dedicated email account that I would forward to from Gmail.

Then in Outlook, a rule would automatically print to the OneNote printer.

The Problems

  • I still needed Outlook around
  • I had to set the OneNote printer to be my default printer in Windows.
  • It formatted the email quite nicely (although not as nicely as Outlook's Send to OneNote did), however it came through as an single image, not text.
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