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How can I share information in OmniFocus for iPad with a non OmniFocus user? I have made some tasks in OmniFocus and I want to export these to share with a non OmniFocus user. Email, Text or PDF export would be great however, if possible I don't want to go through Omnifocus for Mac as I don't have that yet.

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You'll probably have better luck with this question on Super User or Ask Different. It's really more of a software question than a productivity one. – Belisama Apr 4 '12 at 17:58
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OmniFocus is an excellent GTD tool for the Mac. Upon first reading your question (and not owning an iPad) I thought there was no way to export tasks from an iOS device. I have OmniFocus for the Mac and iPhone and for me this functionality is only posible on OmniFocus for the Mac.

I did however look at the OmniFocus for the iPad manual and the iPad does have a way listed to share an action. In the manual on page 16, the editor is discussed. The editor displayed depends on what type of item you have selected;

  • Context Editor
  • Project Editor
  • Action Editor

Bring up the action editor for a specific action/task. At the top of the screen for the action editor is a delete and share icon. Tap the share icon to email an action.

As I do not own an iPad or OmniFocus for iPad. I have not been able to test this feature, or what information is sent within an emailed tasks.

*Addressing your concern with multiple actions needing to be sent to a colleague. A walkaround could be to compose a text document of the different tasks and attach to the task/email or simply enter the sub tasks into the notes field, also accessable from the action editor.

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Thanks so much! Actually, I forgot that there was a manual available for download. It looks like I can only mail a single task at a time which is unfortunate as I have about 20 items send. – Stuart Woodward Apr 5 '12 at 7:38

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