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Possible Duplicate:
Best headphones/earplugs to drown out loud nearby conversations

I am very distracted by noise, are there good headphones that can help me?

I wasn't sure if this belonged on "The workplace" or here on PP but I think maybe here is best.

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Best headphones/earplugs to drown out loud nearby conversations

I'm distracted by noise myself. Mostly because I'm hard of hearing. Have been since I was a kid. I can hear tones and whatnot just fine. But when it comes to conversations or trying to work I have a tough time because my ears pick up everything. I would like suggest trying focus exercises or games like the ones on Lumosity. A few of those games are to help you with attention to help avoid distractions while working or driving. You only get 2 weeks free. If you like it you can then pay for a subscription or otherwise cancel it.

If you go the headphone route and want to play music (some people need a little sound) I sugget playing music that won't distract you like classical or something. Something you can drown out.

Do keep in mind wherever you use your headphones with or without music, if an emergency takes place you might be in trouble if you don't set in place some kind of safety failsafe.

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Something to try:

I'm not affiliated with them, but just ordered a free sample of their standard model and I'm quite excited about it. I've had relative success with the "Super Leight" model by Howard Leight, noise reduction rating 33. It does help with low noise levels, but it certainly can't block conversations, and they're not too comfortable if worn for longer than an hour at a time.

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Any noise cancelling headphones will do the trick. If you travel often, it might be worth the investment for Bose, which I've used before and have found to be excellent.

Somewhat related, if you work from home -- and are easily distracted but don't want to wear headphones, you may want to consider a white noise machine. I have one (noisy neighbors at all hours) and this too does the job.

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