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I have a general interest in memory techniques and find it relatively simple to memorise information.

I also have a fairly well organised exocortex - it's very easy for me to search for any detail of my digital world from my phone or my computer.

What are people's strategies for deciding which pieces of important information should be memorised, and which should be just stored electronically?

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My strategy is, and always has been, if I can look it up, I don't remember it. That being said, there's a lot of things that I write down and store electronically so they don't get lost amid the clutter.

For instance, what size spark plugs does my car need? I have no clue, because it's written down somewhere. However, it's cumbersome to look it up, I don't so the task frequently enough to just ~know~ it, but I have a document on my phone that has all that kinda stuff. What size gasket my espresso machine needs, tire size on the car, partner's ring & clothing sizes, which Starbucks's doubleshot flavor she's into this's almost like a quick index for the most popular searches in my exocortex.

I've found that to be a very effective memory aid...assuming I remember to add the appropriate items to the list. :)

This leaves me with plenty of room to hold useless factoids like the world's longest conga line, and a list of the companies in the world that manufacture periscopes.

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