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You have 4 months until the university admission exam. You forgot most of the stuff you will be tested (from 3 years of not using the concepts) and your only possibility of reviewing the forgotten information is using the resources available free on the internet. You can't pay a tutor more than a total of 10 h in this time frame.

How do you schedule your time in order to learn efficiently, get a decent grade and not burn your brain out?

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These steps might help if implemented appropriately:

  1. Make a list of all the topics which are important and might be asked.
  2. Look for the material available on the Internet for each one of them which can help you brush up.
  3. Put these in a proper folder structure and you can date these folders assuming you have only three months for exam.
  4. Rest of the time is to solve model papers, have discussions and have a look at other things which might need attention.

By this you get to have a look at all the basic concepts again.

And for time management, 1. Fix a proper everyday schedule which includes all your daily activities. 2. Your agenda is to practice and revise the folder with the date. 3. Make sure you take proper breaks and don't make things monotonous for yourself.

Enjoy preparing for the exam. ALL THE BEST!

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And I would add, get enough sleep especially in the week before the exam. Sleep deprived people tend to score worse on exams. – HLGEM May 17 '12 at 19:03

First, I'd make sure I know my learning style so that I can put the material into a proper format to absorb the data. Secondly, I'd research my mental model to know how to integrate the information into how I operate in the world. Third would be to build the actual study schedule using these two pieces of information so that my studying time is efficiently used in playing to my strengths and being prepared for the style of test I'll be given. For example, if the exam is a multiple choice test I may follow different strategies than if it was an essay exam. I would consider seeing if I could find example questions and review them to be as prepared as possible for the test.

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Take some time first to research and make a plan. Include the topics to review, how much time needed for each, and when you generally intend to spend that time. Plan your first 2 weeks in as much detail as possible, do those 2 weeks, then review how it went, review your plan, revise it if necessary and plan your next 2 weeks. Repeat until done :-)

Make sure to include in the planning appropriate rest, rewards, and treats for yourself throughout this project, as well as a nice reward for a job well done at end!

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