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I like reading articles on my smartphone with Android. The articles are usually in web browser or pdf or epub reader.

The problem comes when I'd like to extract a few sentences that I like.

I usually:

  1. select the text and copy it
  2. close the browser
  3. open notes application
  4. paste the text
  5. make some adjustments or rewording to text
  6. close notes application
  7. open browser and continue reading

Could it be more comfortable to take notes on mobile device (via some special application for this purpose or some work-around)? Many times when I travel and want to take some notes I will think it over and don't take a note because of this laborious process.

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Had the same problem. Several solutions:

  • Task Changer TITANIUM, adds a Alt+Tab functionality as overlay screen button, so you can switch between 2 apps with one screen swipe like hitting a keyboard shortcut.
  • Dock4Droid, touching screen on the margin yield pop up bar with recent and favorite apps
  • SwipePad, similar to Dock4Droid

All these apps make it possible to switch a app without being urged to switch to home screen or app manager or close current app.

I would choose Task Changer and one of the last 2 (depending on your phone/screen size). Additionally a clipboard manager like andclip free if you want to copy/paste several text bits

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I have chosen SwipePad. Is there some advantage to use both, Task Changer + SwipePad? – xralf Jun 23 '12 at 15:23
@xralf imo not a functional, but for switching back and forth between 2 apps, e.g. browser and note-taking, the ALT-Tab function of Task Changer is pretty comfortable and as fast as possible. – Hauser Jun 23 '12 at 15:52
I haven't noticed this functionality in Task Changer. Should I make some special move to achieve this? Now, I perceive SwipePad faster for switching between two apps. – xralf Jun 23 '12 at 16:03
@xralf go into settings (notification bar --> task changer options), there you can choose different functions for 5 overlay screen buttons... I also use swipepad more often, taskchanger mainly for the AlT-Tab Shortcut :) – Hauser Jun 23 '12 at 16:22
Really cool fast setting, thanks :-) – xralf Jun 23 '12 at 16:57

I am using Opera mini (which for me is the best browser for my Android) and after I select the text I want to save as a note I just click share and choose from a menu with all available applications to save my notes (in my case Evernote - great app to stay organized).

I hope this helps.

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Give a try to Evernote, Also install Evernote Widget and Evernote Web Clipper in your Android phone to use it to the fullest.

One Advantage that Evernote has is that it can sync with all your devices and the web.

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