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well, I have goals that I work for, but frequently, let's say every few months, I get consumed totally by job stress, and this stress may long many weeks because of the nature of our job, so that I have to get away from my goals and focus totally on my current job, and I lose a lot of the progress I achieved in my goal, and of course I say unmotivated to get back to work on my goals for a period of time because of this,

What could be done to not lose the progress? to not lose focus and stay aimless and unfocused for days even weeks because of this stress of job?

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2 things I do in bigger projects which I possibly have to interrupt:

  • Documentation of your work and progress, so you don't loose overview. For bigger projects I prefer Mind/Concept Mapping to keep overview and quickly get back into the interrupted work, otherwise GTD. Of course, the less likely your work will get interrupted, the less documentation you need. At least note things like problem description, possible approaches, intermediate targets.
  • structuring your project and setting up achievable intermediate goals in bigger projects, divide et impera into subproblems. This way it doesn't feel so much like you will never finish the project because of lacking time.
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