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I am looking for a mac os x GTD task based application (in the wunderlist way) where you enter and classify tasks, and you can also assign tasks to iCal, is this possible?

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Priority Matrix syncs with iCal (as well as your iPhone, iPad, PC), and does a whole lot of other good stuff.

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iCal support came out with version 1.4:… – Pablo Diaz Jul 13 '12 at 14:39

Things for Mac can classify tasks with tags and has iCal Sync

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Unfortunately, Things has disabled Reminders (iCal) Export in the latest version. The sync is now only one-way: Reminders -> Things. They provide a full explanation here: – Avian00 Oct 30 '12 at 8:21

Omnifocus creates an iCal export of due tasks. It doesn't create reminders though, and the sync is only one way. You have to handle the todos under OmniFocus, the iCal feed is just to inform you about your tasks.

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iCal, called Calendar since Mountain Lion, supports iCalendar format version 2. Org-mode - an organizer and information manager with many additional features - can export to iCalendar format. Org-mode comes by default on Emacs text editor.

Install Emacs from GNU Emacs for Mac OS X, create an org-mode file (.org extension), then press C-c C-e i (or run org-export-icalendar-this-file) to export the current file to an .ics file, which you can then open in Calendar program.

Read more: iCalendar export.

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