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I want to see how much time I spend on my computer every day and be able to browse past days' activity levels as well.

I've been using http://www.manictime.com/, which tracks nearly everything I do. But the main data that I find myself using is how much time my computer is active. So while it is a great program, most of its specific data that it's tracking will be unused by me.

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I use TimeCamp , it's automatic time tracking software. It's cool because it works basing on keywords so it tracks time automatically and it also stops tracking when I leave my computer and starts when I go back to it.

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I had similar requirements and did not find what I needed. (I tried to re-launch your question with this entry)

The recommended tools KTimeTracker and Hamster also did not do what I was looking for so I launched a new project at GitHub: https://github.com/frans-fuerst/track

Currently it only supports Linux but in case you're still in search of a solution it would be no great deal to support Windows as well. Just let me know.

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http://www.chronosmonitor.com tracks computer (program) usage, and stores the data both on disk and in the cloud.

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Can you elaborate? What do you like about this site? Why do you recommend it? –  Jeanne Boyarsky Jun 16 '14 at 1:49

I use procrastitracker. It good,free and very light weight. It keeps track of which programs you use the most on the desktop.

Remember that using it alone is not sufficient. You should use to effectively improve yourself.

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"Time Doctor" is perfect for you. It records keystrokes being pressed, make screen shots, and prevents wasted time such visiting Facebook or Youtube. I would highly recommend you try it to 2-3 people first and see the result. This has been a proven software to track hours worked and sends reports in a daily/weekly basis. Check its blog at http://blog.timedoctor.com/

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Try out clockodo Time Tracking. It's web-based but offers a desktop client which records the time. I love the function that it automatically recognize away-times with no user input.

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I use RescueTime, it's great! It has superb reporting, you can see your activity per day, week, month, etc.

Another awesome feature is that it can distinguish between productive activity and non-productive activity, you can view per category / application how much time you have spent on it.

You can checkout Scott Hanselman's review for further details:

enter image description here

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I agree, RescueTime is a very effective tool for tracking usage patterns, and seeing where the time is going in the weekly summary. –  Grant Palin Jul 23 '12 at 16:34

I think Worksnaps (www.worksnaps.net) is a good tool for measuring how much you spent time working on computer. It captures the volume of keystrokes and mouse clicks and accounts the time you interacts with your computer. It can be used for your own use or can be used for managing the remote team by tracking team member's work. All the data is saved on the server (as a SaaS service), therefore you can access it with browser from anywhere. A good tool for productivity and team time tracking.

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You could try Workrave. It's a tool to help prevent RSI rather than a time management tool, but it keeps track of mouse movement and number of keystrokes.

Picture of Workrave activity window

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I was coming here to firstly suggest manictime, as I used to use this and it is a good all around tracking program. However, this was overkill and I too only wanted to know my active hours, so ditched it for KeyStrokes.

This is a lightweight option which tracks keyboard usage over the day: Keystrokes Homepage. The only downside is that it does not track mouse movements.

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