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I have a real bad tendency to take long naps when I am tired. Is there anyway to restore my energy after study for a long period of time without napping or using caffeine?

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There are short-term and long-term solutions:


  • Eat simple sugars (fruit) throughout the day.
  • Take certain supplements like vitamin b-complex, ginseng and fish oils.
  • Leave your study location, go for a walk and then come back. Changing your environment helps switching "off" your brain and then when you come back you're ready to go.
  • Power nap - set an alarm for 20 minutes so you definitely wake up. Once you go beyond 30 minutes you get into deep sleep and it becomes very difficult to wake up until an hour later (sleep cycle is about 90 minutes).


  • Get enough sleep each night.
  • Regular exercise - this one is the biggest. Exercising 2-3 times a week will help you stay energized.
  • Eat healthy - less processed food, more fruits, and more smaller meals throughout the day.
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I like to take a complex b-vitamin, fall asleep, and wake up after it has begun digesting. A lot of sustained energy after that! – Gaʀʀʏ Jul 20 '12 at 16:37

Try BEACH method. BEACH is an acronym with which I came up to easily remember 5 words representing simple activities that can everyone do to relax and recover. All of them have something to do with water.

  • Beverage → Drink a glass of water (or some other cold non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Exercise → Do some stretching, move with your body, you can imagine you are swimming and move with your hands properly.
  • Atmosphere → Use pictures, music and other media to support the imagination that your on the beach or sea.
  • Contrast → Everything you do and imagine during the relaxation break should be as much different from your work as possible.
  • Hands → Sink your hands into cold water and wash your face.
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That's a good acronym :) – Jeel Shah Jul 29 '12 at 5:22

First thing is if your body requires rest you should take it. You can have little diversion which can also be productive like reading book of interest. Listening to some motivational audio would help.

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well after study here are the things you can do

1) Just relax for a while doing nothing. maybe just sitting and looking out of the window.

2) talk to your love ones in a way that lighten your mood. more engagement in the talk will energies your mind more. have a few laughter in the way.

3) Take a warm bath.

4) take a walk in the nature which will have a nice change of scenery thus refreshing you.

5) after long inactivity of your body your blood flow is down so some stretching, jumping or some push ups will definitively increase your blood flow thus given you more energy.

6) eat a fresh fruit. eating some chocolate you like will definitively will raise your spirit.

7) drink water

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Drink lots of water (maybe two or three glasses per hour).

This creates a pattern of subtle urgency shortly before regular trips to refill your glass and visit the rest room.

These forced breaks allow brief moments of reflection on current work effort while elevating your heart rate during your brisk walk and well needed relief.

The accompanied regular emotional variation may be enough to keep you going.

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