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About me:

Asp.Net C# softwaredeveloper, so a bit microsoft/windows focussed.

The background info:

It's productive to listen to podcasts while working out.

The question:

What content is recommended to get the most out of the time running/working out.

I know about this podcast: which is from a microsoft employee. It is funny and not specific for microsoft products. are there more sources like this? or other recommendations? only audio please. also found this thread with similar question:

but is it even recommended to listen to podcasts while running? and if so, what are the best podcast for (microsoft oriented) programmers?

edit so far I have:

ps. can I mark this question as community thread?

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I listen to podcasts while commuting and walking the dog. Absolutely, I think it is a way to use that time more productively. I suggest you use podcast time to broaden your interests a little. Not just coding discussion, but wider software engineering issues (, career management (, select Career Tools podcasts), security (, or other topics of interest. (

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DotNetRocks will set you up with all things Microsoft.

For general mostly-IT (and some biotech) listening, IT Conversations is great. And their archives are amazing. Also check their other networks.

Additionally, I would recommend listening outside of IT. You will not necessarily have 100% comprehension while working out, so listening is a good way to fill the background with stream of knowledge. Listening to other interest (e.g. photography) podcasts for a couple of months allows you to get background knowledge and makes direct concentrated study much more efficient later.

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The BBC world service has a half hour world update podcast which I use sometimes to get caught up on news so I don't need to mess around on the BBC news site when I want to get stuff done.

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The wired podcast is surprisingly good from a technical and cultural perspective - although I occasionally listen to podcasts while running - I find I don't run anything as like as fast as when I'm listening to suitable music or silence - for me it's a better use of my time to concentrate completely on the exercise.

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