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I'm sitting in Europe myself and I have to deal with partners in USA (different locations), Japan, Australia, ...

I'd like to see quickly what time it is at their site - is there a tool which makes that possible easily?

I'm using Outlook 2007 with Exchange Server (if there should be a built-in way to see quickly the local time of a contact).

The other way I could imagine would be to create a panel with different clocks - any suggestions?

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It does not integrate with Outlook, but is a great website for when you need to quickly see the time across time-zones.

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If you are on windows 7, it allows you to have multiple clocks on the task bar. Click on the date-time area of task bar and select change date & time. On the change date and time window, middle tab is Additional Clocks where you can add more clocks. Once you have added your clocks, whenever you hover your mouse over the date-time area of task bar, it will show all clocks with timezone.

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thanks a lot - that looks great, but seems to be limited to 2 additional clocks, or is there a hack to add more? – MostlyHarmless Sep 7 '12 at 15:04
Yes, it gives you an option to add two clocks only. This servers my purpose. for hack, I don't know. – matrix Sep 8 '12 at 4:11

There are Outlook plugins that display the offset to a contact for emails: link to plugin If the contacts are limited in number or clustered in certain locations I would make a list of offsets for certain sites:

site A    -3
site B    +4

This list can reside in a text file or you can add it to your desktops wallpaper image. If you don't want to calculate the time on your own: Use one of the many online services to display time zones (example 1, example 2). I even found this interesting planning tool which diplays the time side by side, sou you can see when both parties involved are actually at work: link

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Outlook lets you configure two time zones to display simultaneously on your calendar. Can't give the exact clicks since we moved to Outlook 2010, but its in the calendar display options.

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