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Is there any sort of tool that could, say, automatically archive all emails in my Gmail inbox tagged with a certain label that are older than 2 days old? This would be a big boost toward inbox zero, since certain time-sensitive labels would automatically clear out daily.

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Neat idea to remove time-sensitive labels. However, why not move those mails out of your inbox when they arrive into a separate folder and then process that folder as often as needed? You can simply select all and delete as you see fit. – w00t Aug 8 '12 at 13:20

Depends how automatic you would like it... As a first step - a carefully designed gmail bookmarklet would be a start - I designed this link to show emails in a gmail inbox that are older than 24 hours - and by slightly changing the search string you'd have all the emails you wanted to archive there for you...

(Code for the bookmarklet equivelent of the link is:



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