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Does people tend not to digest much more information when they are being communicated, told or presented information in Non Native Language?

If that is a case, how to overcome that kind of situation in workplace?

Let's assume, person A understands English very well even though English is not his Native Language.

But sometimes, he loses some important points after the communication. (he doesn't remember those points.)

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Are you asking from the perspective of person A or person B, who is attempting to communicate with person A? The question needs clarification. – Dennis S. Aug 10 '12 at 16:23

Tell person A to get a notepad and start writing things down. The language is not the issue here.

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As @Eugene says, using a notepad is a very useful resource.

I should add here that if person A knows that when hearing someone else talking in a different language than his mother tongue, has some difficulties, then some other useful actions should be:

  • More important than seeming fluent in that language (and lose a part of the message) is to ask clearly from the beginning to be spoken clearly and slowly enough.
  • If authorized by his counterpart, also recording the conversation may be useful, for example when talking about important things.
  • If possible (for the posterity) try to identify those words or phrases that made difficult the conversation. Sometimes, when you don't understand a part of a message spoken in a language you do speak, it's due to words you don't already know (or whose pronunciation you thought was a bit different).
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