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I'm trying to find a task manager to use in my notebook and Android. I wanna hear from you what's the best task manager that let's you sync to use it online, in a notebook, tablet, smartphone Android, on the go, etc.

If possible, a task manager that allows me to apply GTD.


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Have a look at

This set of tools starts from a simple txt file, the most versatile, industry-standard, non-proprietary file format that will never suffer from versioning problems or can become corrupted by program errors, and that can be stored and opened on any system imaginable.

TodoTXT is a free and open-source set of tools for Windows/*nix/MacOS operating systems as well the popular smartphone/tablet OS'es that can help you more easily edit and filter your task lists from the txt file. They recognize certain keywords and as such support contexts and projects as per GTD as well as priorities, and all support Dropbox for synchronizing your single todo.txt file across all your devices.

For example: I have a todo.txt file on my home computer in a Dropbox folder. On my work computer, I have Dropbox as well so the txt file is constantly synchronized. I use the command line interface tool (Todo.txt CLI) on both systems to filter tasks per context or project (though if you prefer more graphical tools, you could always open the txt file in your favorite text editor, or even find third-party tools that work on top of the txt file -- they are all listed on the TodoTXT website). On my Android phone, I have the TodoTXT app (fully supporting all features of the TodoTXT format, including GTD contexts and projects) that works together with the Dropbox app, so I always have my todo list in my pocket as well.

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Have to check this out :D – hellectronic Oct 22 '12 at 14:41

I am happy with Remember The Milk. The Android and iPhone apps work offline and sync nicely when you're back in wifi range. The web interface works well for me on netbook, laptop, and desktop machines. And I use RTM as my primary list manager for GTD.

I might also be happy with using Evernote if I were to change my workflow a bit. Evernote doesn't manage dates or repeating tasks like RTM, but there are a lot of people using it for GTD or GTD-like task management. And again, it has iPhone, Android and web interfaces that work well for me, keeping in sync when in wifi range. There's also some very nice desktop apps, and a lot of add-on functionality available. I happily use Evernote for reference material and project support material in my GTD workflow.

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I made a sincere attempt at using Evernote for task/to-do management a while ago and I really couldn't do it. Evernote is an -awesome- program, but it's not build to be a task manager and it falls way short on features for that particular goal compared to programs which have task management first in mind. – asfallows Aug 15 '12 at 20:02
There's an approach to Evernote as task manager at that looks well thought out, and apparently successfully used. I'm not doing it that way, but it looks quite reasonable. – Dennis S. Aug 16 '12 at 13:39
+1 for Remember the milk. I started using the pro version a month ago just because it has awesome sync and integration between gmail, ipad, android, thunderbird – Mihai Oprea Jan 14 '13 at 12:14

I've been using Workflowy for a while now. The mobile version works just as well as the desktop.

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In terms of richness of features, availability of Android app, and availability of Sync, nothing I've seen is better than MyLifeOrganized. It's got tons to offer in terms of organizing tasks, setting up reminders, doing backup, etc. The Android app has a nice interface and all the features you could need while you're on the go.

The downside: The fully-featured version of MLO costs money, and possibly a prohibitively high amount of money compared to other to-do apps. The desktop app and Android app are charged separately, and their cloud sync is subscription based. WiFi sync is free, so if you train yourself to always sync your phone before you get out of WiFi range, this isn't a major issue, but it's a downside compared to other apps which sync automatically for free.

It seems like MLO are banking on the business model of "make it so much better than the competition that people will spend money on it anyway," but their price point seems too high, even though it's currently unchallenged in terms of feature quality.

share|improve this answer is the only solution that I could find that really follows GTD. You have projects, context, next, someday, and they are implementing reviews.

It fully syncs with mobile, web and desktop applications. But real time sync is not free.

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I'm using it. It has some minor flaws, but when I was looking for such solution this application was best pick. – Damian Melniczuk Dec 21 '12 at 0:00

Nirvana is looking for Android testers and it's likely they'll have a finished app out soon. For a while there I used and have found Nirvana easier to use and a better fit for the way I do GTD.

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I use Wunderlist ( because it can sync across all my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad), but they have clients for Android, Blackberry and Windows, too. It's very simple to use and syncs flawlessly over Wifi or mobile networks.

However, syncing is just a basic feature for me. What convinced me in the end, was the possibility to share lists and todos with other users. For example my wife and I share a shopping list and whenever I happen to be in town or in a supermarket, I can check if there are any other things to buy.

I have tried many to do lists, and Wunderlist is not as good as others when it comes to task management. But the sharing feature really makes a difference!

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You can try, later this year will be on the market. Check the The application will be available for iOS and Android, enable full synchronization with personalized content of Evernote and will also allow the user to create personal tasks and to do list independently. is based on the philosophy of Getting Things Done ®, but it is adaptable to any other style of task management.

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Any.Do is what you should go for. It can sync between multiple devices, create backups and also sync with Google Tasks. Moreover, it's absolutely free.

A huge advantage of Any.Do over others is that it has the option of Drag and Drop to arrange your list.

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For GTD on Android and Web you are welcome to check out ActionComplete. The Android and Web applications 2-way sync in real time. ActionComplete application suite is based on GTD principles.

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