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I work on projects for various clients. There are a handful of documents, all stored locally on my computer, that I frequently need to reference. Additionally, there are some URLs (on our company Sharepoint site) related to each client and/or technology that I frequently access. I am looking for some way of scripting easy access to all of these documents and items. So, when I go to change gears from Project A to Project B, I can click an icon and all of Project B's defined documents and URLs are opened, ideally in a consistent layout. It prepares the ideal workspace for Project B in an instant.

I have already considered the idea of virtual desktops (using Dexpot or virtualWin) for each project, but what I'm looking for specifically is a way to launch all the documents and URLS (batch file, maybe) along with a way to ensure that everything is laid out sensibly on the screen (window management).

I feel like this might be fairly simple with AppleScript and Spaces (tell each item to open in a particular Space with a particular window configuration), but I'm on Windows 7.


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There is a tool called Tasktop Desktop that could be worth having a look at.
The tool generates task contexts that link an active task to whatever you do while it is active (e.g. opening documents, visiting web sites etc.). When switching to a previous task you are also switching the context and have all the documents available that you worked on before on that task.

I have not used that specific tool myself, but I am using the underlying technology in my software development environment every day and it helps a lot when switching tasks.

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What do you mean with "underlying technology"? – Gabber Nov 15 '12 at 13:11
@Gabber I mean the technology that Tasktop Desktop uses. It was first developed for the Eclipse IDE and is called Mylyn there. It filters everything in the IDE based on the current activated task. – Turismo Nov 18 '12 at 18:58

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