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Possible Duplicate:
Which one to use - Evernote or One Note

First time caller,

I use MSFT's OneNote for all my daily tracking of everything that i want to capture. I have looked at Evernote a while ago, and it looked comparable, but I am not sure it is a better option.

Okay, what does everyone else utilize? Reasons for why it is better would help.

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I use OneNote at work, and Evernote for my personal use.

If you are an MS Office user, OneNote is very convenient. It integrates nicely all the way around the Office apps, and I love the screenshot mechanism that is bundled with it. If you're a heavy Outlook Tasks user, there's some very nice integration with OneNote.

On the downside, OneNote is Microsoft only, there is no easy access from non-Windows platforms. Certainly we have none at work - very useful on my work desktop, and that's all it is good for in my world.

Evernote is fully available everywhere. I access my notebooks with web browsers from windows and linux platforms, with a native app I have installed on some windows machines, from iOS and Android devices. They all sync nicely together, I have the same data available no matter what platform I'm using at the moment.

Moving documents into Evernote is somewhat more trouble on Windows than in OneNote. There's ways to do it, but "Send to OneNote" they aren't...

On the other hand, Evernote's ability to make text embedded in graphics searchable is terrific, and OneNote has nothing comparable. Evernote's "personal" use in my case wanders into work when I embed photographs of whiteboard discussions into an EverNote entry, just so I can search for the words we wrote on the board.

There are a lot more places where one could compare the two. Which one is "better" will depend on your needs - they both work for similar (but not exactly the same) use cases. EverNote is free up to a certain data usage, give it a try. (Caveat: I use the EverNote pro plan, a bit more fully featured than the free version I started with)

For me, OneNote is a convenient tool to use with my colleagues at work, but I use EverNote much more heavily. OneNote is nice, EverNote is essential for my productivity.

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OneNote is available on most platforms now, OSX, Android. iOS, WP. Don't think it is on *nix though. – user11437 Oct 10 '14 at 20:48

Without knowing what you actually need, this question is impossible to answer, and a "list things that XXX". Neither seem a great fit.

OneNote is decent, but being single-platform, essentially useless to anybody but die-hard MS fans that also have it available on whatever mobile device they might be using.

Apps that aren't also accessible from random internet kiosks, IMO, are of suspect usefulness in the long run. I need to be access my stuff from anywhere, from anything, whether it's my device or not. EN is a clear winner in this regard, even ignoring its additional functionality.

You ask what people use: I use EN, DropBox, and a bastardized version of several open-source wiki, indexing, clustering, classification, and UI apps. Which will "ultimately" win is still up in the air.

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You can use OneNote online, from any computer, through – Philip Seyfi Aug 19 '12 at 15:20
@PhilipSeyfi Ah, ok. My understanding was that the OneNote web interface was a significantly reduced user experience, but I also haven't seen it in quite some time. – Dave Newton Aug 19 '12 at 15:30

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