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(I hope I'm asking this in the right place) I've been thinking of making a business card for myself, but haven't done it after ages! I work in IT, as a developer and also in networking, and also do freelance translation/interpretation, on the other hand, I want the card in two languages, English and Persian.

Which one should I do? 1. All abilities in both fields written on one side, each side in one of the languages 2. One side in both languages only about IT, the other one again in both languages about linguistics?

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I would suggest all the services on one side, and only keep to one language on each side. Here are my reasons:

1) It saves time for reading. most people speak either one of the two languages, Persian speaker wouldn't care about the English, English speakers wouldn't have a clue about the Persian writing.

2) It's easier for people to always see all your services even they have put your card into one of those business card albums, which usually only shows one side of the business card. Same logic for those who scan their business cards; one side design can save them some work.

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Have you thought about separating the two services entirely? If you have two target audiences, neither of which is interested in the other services, then this could make sense.

Have an IT card and a linguistics/translation card - this way you can provide them to appropriate individuals who will be interested.

I carry separate sets of business cards for my commercial, volunteer and music related work, as very few of my clients fall into more than one of those categories.

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