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I recently started to use twitter as a source for "Tip of the Day" style hints to new and old scientific developments, useful tips in statistics or mathematics, and programming tricks.

While I stumbled upon many useful things by following e.g.

I have the feeling that there must be thousands of this type of tweets on twitter. Unfortunately, I find it hard to filter out good ones.


What is your recommendation for good tweets to keep up in computer science, math, statistics, or science in general?

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Are you married to Twitter? If not, Google Alerts might do nicely. It's fairly low-noise.

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I actually didn't know about google alert. Thanks. – fabee Aug 24 '12 at 21:29

The following style works for me . . . . I never randomly search Twitter looking for tweets in a particular topic . . . . Rather, I follow a particular twitter account only if I'm totally convinced with the corresponding tweeter's website by following their newsletters, blogs, posts etc . . .By this way, my twitter feed has only tweets from persons I absolutely trust . . . .

LONG STORY SHORT : Follow a twitter account through a reliable website you are following and enjoying thoroughly ....

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Um... given that all the accounts you list are run by @johndcook - and his website lists some more - that might get you started... Also he might be along shortly - he's a SE user...

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