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I am currently planning my life in a text-based format, like this:

  1. Yearly goals. Doesn't include concrete action steps.
  2. Monthly goals: Specific action steps associated with the goals from (1).
  3. Daily goals: A few action steps from (2).
  4. A backlog of action steps. These are actions I could take in the future.

This text-based system works well. But I'd like to do more things, which are not possible with that:

  • Linking action steps and goals ("Which action steps did I complete on that goal?")
  • Timetracking and statistics ("How much time did I spend on this goal?")
  • Search for past action steps ("What did I do in March of 2012?")
  • Organizing and searching through the backlog with tags.

Is there any software that does all of the above? It has to be Desktop, no web application. Can be commercial or free.

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It seems like you need a relatively simple program that is completely tailored to what you want it do to. Don't we all? ;-)

I would thus suggest either programming it yourself (if you are a little proficient in any programming language it should take very little time because it is so simple), or asking someone you know to program it for you.

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Try my Portable Kanban. It's kanban-based, desktop app & free. Seems quite close to your requirements.

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I have tested Kanbantool yesterday evening... And I have been really pleased. Straigthforward application and online availability.

I have also tried Portable Kanban as @Dimitry proposed in his answered. And I find it really usefull.

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i am the big fan of manual organization stuff . i think that these two things combined will cover most of your requirements davidseah and 43folders.(you can use the templates in the davidseah blog in the 43 folders) just go over it and see if it suits you

About 43 folders

''This means there are 31 folders, labeled 1 to 31, one for each day. There are 12 folders labeled with the months. These sit in a small plastic folder holder from Office Depot. The result is a "circular" buffer where I can put reminders. I've got itineraries for trips I've got scheduled in March, I've got reminders like 'Buy furnace filter." This is a place I check daily to be reminded of something. When the day folder is empty, I move it to the back and it becomes a day in the next month. ''

helpfull1 helpfull2 45 folders

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Check out http://weekplan.net (make sure to activate the Vision page to get long term goals and mission statement.)

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check out http://www.sandglaz.com (it's flexible and you can tag items with the goal you are trying to achieve)

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