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Productivity soars whenever I find the right side project to work on. However, as soon as the project is finished or whenever I'm working on something that feels boring to me, productivity goes right back down to nothing.

How do you find side projects to work on? I try to combine as much areas of my life as possible with software but mostly to no avail. For example, I just can't see a way to make my love life better with software.

Do you guys brainstorm actively? Or maybe do you work on something until it's exciting?

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Side projects do not need to be related to your primary vocation.

I don't find side projects, they find me: I have a need, I see the need of others, I'm intrigued by an idea or research, I'm learning a new technology, ad infinitum/nauseum.

Re: love life–build a two-person, gender-appropriate Sybian with biofeedback, sensors, and automation.

Bam. I'll take my 10% in hardware.

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+1 for that mental picture Dave:) – Rory Alsop Sep 6 '12 at 14:17
+1 "I don't find side projects, they find me" – Sephra May 8 '13 at 17:13

A side project is just that - a side project. It branches off from whatever main project you're doing.

The key is in finding something interesting that you want to see and know that you can do. It has to be just challenging enough and the result has to be interesting enough to keep your attention.

You can't really combine all areas of your life into anything. Maybe consider taking several small side projects instead of one big one, with the long term goal to combine them.

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