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I currently attend an independent study school (similar to home schooling), so I do everything at home and send it in by email. I organize my work in folders by week. Week 1, Week 2, etc.

Sometimes I might forget an assignment and have to turn it in late. for the sake of organization, should the assignment be put in the folder for the week it was assigned, or the week it was turned in.

I know this is not directly work-related, but I think it's extremely relevant. In a work environment where assignments (projects, bug-fixes, releases, etc.) are organized like this, the same logic would apply. My initial feeling (and the one I currently go off) is that the assignment should be placed in the folder for the week it was assigned. If I were ever needed to go back and find out what happened in a particular week, I could go to that folder and see all my work. The problem I see with this is that it's misleading; if I find an assignment in a folder, I'm going to assume that's when I did it. If it's not, then I've lost the sort of timeline of my work that I had.

The problem arises from having the folders serve two purposes: what was do for a particular week, and what was done for a particular week. When those two things don't align, I run into issues.

Without making my homework organization needlessly complex, what do you think is the most reasonable thing to do?

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Organize your work folders based upon the week it was assigned, and note on each assignment the date on which it was actually submitted.

Or better yet, use a database for the whole thing and just run a couple of simple queries to generate the reports you want.

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Put the assignment in either - write a quick 'assigned' or 'submitted' in pen on top of it - and then put a piece of paper saying 'assigned/submitted assignment X, on this day' in the other folder.

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I would suggest to put the week assignment in the same week folder, so that your psyche mind doesn't worry about it, and the folder structure remains perfect. If you refer the folder structure later for studies you would be able to get it easily without trouble. You can mark the file name with - late submission inside your week folder so that you are able to search it get and get to the point immediately.

My suggestion will not give you view on timeline but you might think of using something else, like spreadsheet chart, dashboard etc for that.

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