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I read lots of web pages articles (magazines, blogs, wikis, forums).

Keeping the interesting ones stored in a single location have become a big problem. Also, looking for important information that I remember that I read some day but can't locate is also a problem.

So, I need an application (web or desktop-Windows), or a solution that is able to:

  1. Store an page link quickly using an browser extension (in case of a web app) to save the page.
  2. Tag each page.
  3. Search page content.
  4. Search pages by tag.
  5. Optionally: Save a snapshot of the web page.

For personal reasons I don't want to use Joliprint, Evernote or SpringPad. Can anyone give any advice?

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ScrapBook and delicious in combination allow tagging and searching. But I mainly save websites via scrapbook to harddisk, if it is a small private website and its online accessibility is not future-proof

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I'm currently using pocket which seems to meet all the criteria. I've tried it on Chrome, Firefox and Dolphin for an Android 2.2 phone. One of the main advantages is that with your pocket account, you would have your links synced wherever you go and you could easily add more if you've a pocket plugin on the browser that you're working from.

  1. To archive a page, you just click on the pocket add-on in your browser. Its location differs per browser.
  2. You can optionally tag each page. The Firefox plugin tends to have a better interface for this than Chrome and dolphin where there you could easily edit the tags after they've been saved. Tags are separated by commas.
  3. After setting your account, you could head to to view your archived pages. You could also search in the search bar by title/url.
  4. Tag searches are available where you could open the tag list from your pocket queue and select the needed tag. I'm unsure if you could search by combining multiple tags however.
  5. By default a thumbnail of the link is attached to the box representing the link in your pocket queue. I don't think there is a feature where the user could alter the image allocated for the link but it tends to be intuitive and easy to recall in many cases. Sometimes a default grey image would appear instead though.

To view the actual links though, you have to click on "view original" after clicking on the link you would like to visit, since it first displays the page's content in pocket's style.

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My favorite one is Zotero:

(It's free, you can get it as a standalone exe or Firefox plugin)

Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click. Whether you're searching for a preprint on, a journal article from JSTOR, a news story from the New York Times, or a book from your university library catalog, Zotero has you covered with support for thousands of sites.

Zotero collects all your research in a single, searchable interface. You can add PDFs, images, audio and video files, snapshots of web pages, and really anything else. Zotero automatically indexes the full-text content of your library, enabling you to find exactly what you're looking for with just a few keystrokes.

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You just try "HTTARCK" Download From Here

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I've set up a website some time ago: it's not complete yet, but I think it's doing what you want. It does not directly provide a method to add links with a single click, but if more pleople start using it I'll see what I can do to make it even better.

For now it includes:

  • saving links
  • tag those links
  • search page content (full text)

It's also using OpenID so you won't need annother account! It's all free of course!

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